Describe Help Views
Help views can be used in search helps as a selection method. For Example - You may have to create a help view if a view with outer join is needed as selection method of search help.

  Important points to note about Help views
    - It implements an outer join.

Search Help - In a simple word, A search help is an object of the ABAP Dictionary with which input helps (F4 helps) can be defined. It helps to define the standard input help process. There are two types of search help - Elementary search help and Collective search help. There is also one serach help known as Append search help which can be used to enhance collective search help.

1. Elementary search helps create a single search path for providing the possible entries (F4).
2. Collective search helps combines several elementary search helps. Hence, it provides more than one alternative search paths for possible entries.

    Q. What you can define in Collective Search Help?
    A. Following things are define in collective search help-
          - Search help exit
          - Search help parameter and
          - Elementary search help

    Q. What is hot key for search help?
    A. The hot key permits the user to select elementary search help from the collective
          search help directly in the input field with the short notation using either letters or digits.

Using transaction code SE11 you can create search help. This search help has to be assigned to the field for which this input help is required. There are four ways you can assign the search help -

     1. By attaching the search help to a data element
     2. By attaching the search help to a check table
     3. By attaching the search help to a table field
     4. By attaching the search help to a screen field

Scenario-1: In case if more than one search help is assigned to the field the conflicts in calling the search help is resolved by the hierarchy of search help. So when a input help is called for the field, first it checks if the search help is attached on the screen field or not. Here it also a case if there is a program help written with PROCESS ON VALUE-REQUEST or not else it looks for the search help attached to the screen field. If no serach help available here then it looks for the input help attahed using FIELD SELECT or FIELD VALUES.

Scenario-2: If the above first level if the field could not able to find the input help then it further looks for the search help defined to the tabel field.

Scenario-3: If no search help define here, it tries to call the search help define at a check table. If at check table it finds the search help then it displays else it displays the key values of the check tables.

Scenario-4: Still there is no search help is define at the above level the system looks for the search help define at the data element. If still the search help is not define at data element, the fixed values of domain are displayed.







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