SAP ABAP Reports - Introduction

SAP ABAP program is responsible for processing data in the R/3 application. The ABAP program consists of modular structure. This modular structure is known as processing block which consists of a set of ABAP statements. The structure of an ABAP program is -

     1. Introductory program part
     2. Declaration part for global data
     3. Dialog Modules
     4. Event Blocks
     5. Procedures

The ABAP has different processing blocks in ABAP program. These are:

     1. Dialog Modules
     2. Event Blocks for Selection Screens
     3. Event Blocks for Lists
     4. Event Blocks for Executable Programs (Reports)
     5. Subroutines
     6. Function Modules
     7. Method

Q. What is program types?
A. The program type determines which processing blocks a program can contain, how the program is handled and executed by the runtime environment, an whether it can work with its own screens. The following ABAP program types are available:

     1. Executable Programs (Type 1)
     2. Module Pool (Type M)
     3. Function Group (Type F)
     4. Class Pools (Type K)
     5. Interface Pools (Type J)
     6. Subroutine Pools (Type S)
     7. Type Groups
     8. Include Groups (Type I)








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