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Founded in the year 1972, SAP AG, has now become largest ERP solution provider; beating the market share of arch rival Oracle in year 2011. SAP has re-gained the market with unexpected growth in the fourth quarter despite a economic slowdown.

In the past few years, SAP has transformed their business strategy from just delivering the single-product SAP R/3, to a company that offer complete business solutions to its customers. The company has emerged as a more innovative and better leadership in the domain of business analytic, performance management software and mobile - A so called in-memory data storage technology, which can store data locally on a chip.

Currently SAP represents 124 nations with more than 75,000 customers' worldwide - providing distinct business solutions, addressing to meet the industry specific need for small business to large companies. The SAP has gain from its strategy of offering tailor-made services.

The SAP has largest share with 24 % with Oracle second in place with market share of 19%.

SAP Benefits and Advantages

SAP defines business software as comprising enterprise resource planning and related applications. Since the release of 4.0 of SAP R/3 in year 1997, SAP has developed R/3 into a group of integrated components that could be upgraded independently.

The core component of SAP R/3 Enterprise has a major feature that integrate, internet and web technologies into all areas of the systems. The enhanced integrated technologies, SAP web application server is the evolution based on SAP R/3.

SAP ERP provides solutions for industry specific need with a comprehensive set of integrated and cross-functional business processes. The advantages and benefits of SAP ERP are -

  . SAP R/3 is based on Open technology that supports and can run on
      multiple operating systems and databases.
  . SAP R/3 supports customization to enhance/change the application
      as per organization own business process and requirements.
  . SAP R/3 supports several functional areas like - HCM, FI-CO, SCM, SRM,
      CRM, PLM, Mobile application and web-based technology.
  . It helps to run your enterprise in accordance with strategy and plans,
      providing the correct information in real time to take proper decisions.
  . SAP ERP helps to improve operational efficiency, productivity, reduce
      costs and risks.
  . SAP ERP improves financial and accounting management, increases
      visibility on your business achievement and improve financial control.
  . SAP ERP manages a high business complexity, improves organization
      process, and provides faster results and business outcomes.
  . SAP ERP increases profitability with high ROI.

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