Today, market is looking ahead for the new trend in the enterprise application software. It has global market growth, with lots of challenges, competition and other negative market forces. To overcome these unpredictable, rapid market changes, volatile demand and competition, it is important to bring more innovative, more reasonable, more customer focused product in the market that must transform and meet customer expectations. At the same time to keep optimizing your operational process and structure within your business network.

Technology will going to remain a leading factor in the competitive market and companies must have to re-organize their strategy to discover new-edge technology to remain ahead in the global market.

In the coming year, mobility, in-memory and cloud computing will going to play a vital role that will go to make a new trend in the area of technologies, innovation and business changes.

SAP AG understands the advent of these upcoming technologies and will going to take a center place in the year 2012.

During the announcement of preliminary financial result in Walldorf, Germany the co-CEO's of SAP Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe stated -

"In an uncertain environment, we had the best year in our 40 year history and clearly outperformed the competition. We extended our leadership in mobile, analytics enterprise applications, analytics and mobile and are reinventing the database and cloud markets,"

"We have significant momentum going into 2012, as our customers continue to benefit from faster innovation, easier adoption and our unmatched industry expertise."

SAP Growth and Revenues - Reference - SAP AG

2011 Software Revenue Increases 25% at Constant Currencies to €4 Billion - Non-IFRS Operating Profit €4.8 Billion at Constant Currencies

- Best Ever Software Revenue Performance: Full-Year 2011 Software Revenue Increases 22% to €3.97 Billion (25% at Constant Currencies)
- Exceeding Revenue Guidance: Full-Year 2011 Non-IFRS Software and Software-Related Service Revenue Increases 15% (17% at Constant Currencies)
- Exceeding Operating Profit Guidance: Full-Year 2011 Non-IFRS Operating Profit €4.71 Billion (€4.78 Billion at Constant Currencies), Resulting in Full-Year 2011 Non-IFRS Operating Margin Increasing by 1.1 Percentage Points at Constant Currencies to 33.1%
- Double-Digit Earnings per Share Growth: 23% Increase in Full-Year 2011 Non-IFRS Earnings per Share
- Record Operating Cash Flow: 29% Increase to €3.78 Billion
- Strong Contribution from Innovations: SAP HANA and Mobile €270 Million

For further detail and latest update - refer to SAP AG website.

"We are well positioned to exceed our €20 billion revenue target and reach a 35% operating margin in 2015."
- Werner Brandt, CFO (SAP)

SAP Major Contract Wins-Q4-2011

    - Deutsch Lufthansa AG
    - Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH
    - Lidl
    - Clariant International Ltd.
    - FIAT
    - Vodafone
    - U.S. Department of Agriculture
    - ConAgra Foods, Inc.
    - Ace Hardware Corporation
    - Delta Air Lines, Inc.
    - Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires S.A.
    - Petróleos Mexicanos
    - Yonghui Superstores Co. Ltd.
    - Tingyi Holding Corporation
    - Department of Finance and Deregulation
    - Usha International Ltd.
    - Powercor
    - Sharp Corporation
    - Gonhermex
    - S.A. de C.V.
    - Grupo Gonher
    - EBY-Brown Company LLC
    - Newell Rubbermaid, Inc.
    - Coinstar, Inc.
    - T-Mobile USA, Inc.
    - EC Bioenergie GmbH
    - DESANO Pharmacy
    - Innogence Limited
    - Matchcode
    - metaio
    - Schaltbau Holding AG

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