Why Project Management is important?

Project management is a function that forms the framework of organizing, planning, controlling, executing, budgeting and managing overall project to achieve project goals within given timeframe, to the high quality standards and budget.

Today Project management forms the backbone for majority of the organization and industry. As per the recent study most of the IT companies fails to succeed because of proper project management and planning. An effective project planning is crucial for the success of organization. Establishing a standard process and methodology is a long procedure that needs involvement of top management to executive level people to incorporate and implement efficient plan as per the company guidelines.

SAP provides a proven methodology to meet your project goals on-time, within budget and helps to exceed your quality deliverables.

Is your SAP project managed effectively?

    Most important factors to consider while project planning are:
        - Business Objectives & Goal
        - Scope
        - Obstacles and Risks
        - Timeline
        - Costs
        - Resource
        - Infrastructure

One of the key factor for the success of the project is - A good information policy and implementation process. A clear information about company objectives, project requirements, and quality standards helps the implementation team to know the client's business process and what they exactly looking for the solution.

The good project plan focuses on three areas: Cost management, Resource management and Execution management. The execution plan needs to consider scope, risks and timeline. Good effort estimation (ETC) is very important for the successful and timely completion of the project.

There are different functions needs to be performed during the project, like - understanding clients business objectives, preparing blueprint, implementation, support, rollouts. To perform all these functions and role, a right people with right skills needs to be identify before the start of the project. Understanding the client business requirements and providing valuable solution for their business challenges is definitely a function of high level management. A good leadership is required to perform different function.

Project management and planning is an important part of any big or small organization to deliver the task or services undertaken by them at a given time limit, budget and quality standards.

Project manager has key responsibility in managing and running the project successfully. He must focus on three dimension of project success - budget, quality and time. In order to do this he needs to do a proper planning and re-planning again & again as and when the project progresses, team management activity, clear communication to the team for business achievement, priority and scope.

To manage the project effectively, managers needs to find the right management tool to help him to increase the accuracy, efficiency and quality of work. It gives the clear picture of the project progress and helps to take action for the remaining tasks to complete.







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