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SAP Business Suite - SAP Application is one of the most powerful ERP business software that comes in bundle as a SAP Business Suite. SAP Business Suite is based on SAP Netweaver that provide industry specific functions, integration of process, collaboration and interfaces.

It provides a solid foundation for your business outcome that helps to improve your organizational operations, process, services and profit.

SAP Business Suite helps in your business strategy, increases your operational efficiency, addresses the day to day business challenges, ease you to opt the business changes and process.

SAP Business Suite are designed in such a way that can work with other SAP and non-SAP software. It can be deploy phase wise and company can have own timeline to implement as per their business need.

The five core applications that constitute SAP Business Suite are :

    - SAP SCM - Supply Chain Management
    - SAP CRM - Customer Relation Management
    - SAP SRM - Supplier Relation Management
    - SAP ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
    - SAP PLM - Product Lifecycle Management.

SAP Business suite supports the service based architecture and it is very cost effective in implementation and maintenance. Once upgraded, you won't need to do a full upgrade for more than four years. Customer has an option to pick from the enhancement package, as little as much as it is required to meet your business challenges.

For example, if you had upgraded to Business Suite 7, than you don't need do a full resource-intensive upgrade to SCM for another one month and a full upgrade to CRM for several months. Instead, you can choose only those enhancements that require from a single enhancement package.

SAP Business Suites - is an integrated application based on Netweaver technology, that help mid-size and large companies to optimize their end-to-end business process, provide better visibility and effectiveness across the organization.

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