Project Management Planning Tools

Though the project management has been practiced since long, the major changes came after the year 1900. During the period 1850-1900 lots of tools and techniques being developed that got further improvement after the year 1900. The four most popular project techniques - Gantt chart, PERT, CPM and Henri Fayol's five management functions came during the period 1910-1950.

Henry Gantt and Henri Fayol was known as father of project management for their well popular work - planning & control techniques and for the creation of five management function respectively.

The year 1950 is the beginning of modern project management era when the project management becomes the distinct area of discipline. In year 1956, the American Association of Cost Engineers (now named as - the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering-AACE) was formed. The other two foremost institutes - The International Project Management Association (IPMA) founded in the year 1967 in Europe and Project Management Institute (PMI) was formed in the USA in the year 1969.

Project Management Process

There are five basic project management process that are generally followed -

    - Project Initiation
    - Project Planning
    - Project Execution
    - Project monitoring and control
    - Project closure

How tool helps in project plan?
Project management tool helps in planning, scheduling and estimating at every stage of your project. It provide reports in various forms, like - Gantt chart, Milestone chart, Network chart, etc. Through tools you can able to create a task and the inter-dependencies within the tasks and can assign resources to each tasks. Most of the tools has following features -

    - To create sub-project and project.
    - To define project period, i.e., start date and end date.
    - To create task and sub tasks for each project and to link the tasks.
    - To accurately track the effort against planned effort for each tasks.
    - To manage the over allocation.
    - To do the resource scheduling and resource labeling.
    - To view real-time project status, costs, and budget reports.
    - To generate the earned value reports.
    - To present the graphical reports.

What are the SAP tools?
Accelerated SAP (ASAP), ValueSAP and Solution Manager are the methods and tools available to manage you SAP project. SAP solution manager is the latest among three.

The ASAP Roadmap is a methodology that provides you for implementing and optimizing your SAP System efficiently. It divides the project implementation process into five phases.

ValueSAP consist of tools, framework of methodologies, content and programs that provide you to effectively identify and implement SAP as per your organization requirements. It consists of - Evolution Phase, Implementation Phase and Operations & Continuous improvement Phase.

The SAP Solution manager helps you during project preparation, business blueprint phase, realization and project analysis phase. It gives you central access of the tools that helps you to implement business solution as per your need.

The project estimator is a tool used to estimate the effort, timeline, resource requirements and costs of your SAP implementation project. The tool is based on Microsoft Excel that can be managed easily.







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