Planning and Managing - SAP Infrastructure

Planning SAP infrastructure is the first foremost things that any SAP project needs to do before starting the development or implementing the SAP. It refers to both the technical foundation and the actual SAP installation. It is a backbone for all the development activity to be performed. The major SAP infrastructure includes:

Physical space with basic facility like - Power and cooling
Hardware - like Server, routers, or other network component, etc.
Operating System (OS)
OS and database drivers, service packs, patches etc.
SAP application

Various IT companies provide complete SAP infrastructure solution that can fit your both organization need and budget.

Managing SAP Infrastructure includes all the IT components like - SAP servers, routers, printers, various landscape and networks etc. The main functions of the SAP infrastructure are: to monitor all network devices, to manage data, support the application, etc. SAP IT infrastructure is now fully integrated into the SAP Solution Manager 7.1. With this now customer can manage complete IT infrastructure, enterprise applications, business process and landscapes. It allows monitoring of all type of IT components including heterogeneous networks and complex landscape.







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