Defining Project Objectives and Goal

Objectives are precise, tangible and more concrete that can be achieved by following certain number of steps. An objectives has clear visibility and outlined with timelines, requirements and budget. Objectives are the sub-goals to achieve the end-goals. Every goal has some objectives attached to it. Goals without objectives can never be achieved where as objectives without goals will never get you to where you want to be.

The objective should be SMARTER - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely, Evaluate, and Re-evaluate.

Goals are the end results and a long term milestones that someone try to accomplish. Goals are abstract, intangible and hard to frame a timeline. Goals are tough to achieve and cannot be measured. The more you perfectly accomplish your objectives the more you are near to your goals.

During the phase of SAP project preparation you plan your project implementation and define your project objectives and goals. The project goals may differ between different types of SAP projects like migration, upgrade or new rollout. It is necessary to clearly outline all the required information during project plan.

A clearly define objective (SMART) have high probability to be accomplish on time. Keeping everyone informed about objectives and goals helps the project and the team to remain in sync throughout the projects life cycle.

To have a better business understanding it is important to meet on a regular period with customer executives to clearly understand the client's business objectives and goals. It is equally important for your organization growth to help your customer business to meet there own goals and objectives. As a solution provider let's help the client to understand -

  - How the solution that provided by your experts will be beneficial for them.
  - How it will help to optimize their current process.
  - How this will enable them to overcome with their day to day business challenges.
  - How it will increase the efficiency and reduce the turnaround time.
  - How this will help to reduce the operation cost and can give high ROI.

Make sure to document the project objectives and goals in a vision section that is clear, measurable, articulated, and agreed upon. This should be kept in forefront to the project to let the whole team should know and can focused on the right objectives from the beginning, so that decisions can be made in the correct context and can help to achieve final goals.







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