Support and Maintenance Plan

Once the SAP project is Go Live..! Successfully you have done with most important phase of your implementation. You need big applaud of thanks from your top management. You have done a great job!!

Now what about your post go live support? Are you ready for it?

Post go live support is very crucial for your client. Most of the company provides go live support and maintenance to their client as part of their agreement. The go live support is on demand services and the period and scope of support is decided by the client as per their business requirement and the available IT budget.

The client may need support to meet their business changes and evolving requirements as per the current marketplace. The support provided as part of agreement after go-live is different than the support project itself. After the go live the support is provided to remove the bugs from the delivered objects in the production system. This is something to make ensure that what has been delivered by the software companies should work perfectly in the production system as per the given requirements. This does not include any change requests.

A client can avail services from Software companies for their long term maintenance and support of their current running SAP. This kind of requirements generally comes for the support of -

    - SAP system maintenance
    - SAP application maintenance
    - Configuration management
    - Manage change requests
    - SAP server maintenance
    - Other production and operation support

SAP AG helps their clients to improve their performance and increases the benefits of using the SAP application by increasing the flexibility to opt quickly as per your current business needs. It helps to optimize your business process and to leverage the full capabilities of your IT solutions.

A client can opt different plan for their support services as per their requirement and IT budget. The different type of supports and services that SAP provides are -

    - SAP Enterprise support services
    - SAP Standard support services
    - Maximum support services with SAP Max-Attention
    - Implementation Risk Management Services with SAP safeguarding
    - Support Resources
    - Support for customers







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