A Successful Journey in Implementing SAP

You may wonder what are the key areas that makes the SAP project so successful. A journey towards successful implementing SAP is just one side of the coin the other side tells 'HOW?' on which the whole success depends.

To plan how to implement SAP project - A implementation team must know -

   - The client business requirements and the solution they are looking for
   - The scope of project
   - The change management plan
   - The Risk management plan
   - The business blueprint
   - The cost and Schedule
   - The roll out plan

SAP implementation plan is one of the critical phase in the project management plan that require high attention and focus from top management to business and delivery team.

SAP implementation is a overall process that defines complete method which can be executed in different phases step by step. The SAP implementation has following phases -

   1. Project Preparation
   2. Business Blueprint
   3. Realization
   4. Final Preparation
   5. Go Live and Support

Each of these above phases needs proper analysis, documentation, quality checks and client sign-off.

ASAP methodology is one of the SAP project planning solution that provides complete roadmap for your project plan. It divides project implementation into phases. Each phase's further breaks down into Work Packages, Activity and Tasks. It provides a proven and comprehensive methodology (in Microsoft Project Format) to optimize and streamline your SAP projects.

ASAP is not only the tool for planning SAP projects. The latest solution is now SAP solution manager. It supports you throughout your project lifecycle from project preparation to go live and support. For more details please refer to the section 'SAP Solution Manager'.

Now the Question - How?

The above mention points are one of the first steps to implement SAP project successfully. Apart from the planning and documentation it is important to have right execution strategy and resource planning. An effective team communication needs to be setup for proper co-ordination among the stakeholders including business owner, functional consultant and technical team. Each milestone must be communicated to whole project team as an achievement and to move ahead for the next milestone.

Most company has a Reward and Citation program to recognize the resources that performed extraordinary to help the project to achieve its objectives and goals. This helps to motivate resources and keep the spirit high in doing better work.







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