SAP DDIC - Domain

Domain - A domain describes the technical attributes of a field, such as the data type or the number of positions in a field. The domain defines primarily a value range describing the valid data values for the fields referring to this domain.

You can define following thing in domain-

    In Definition Tab
       1. Data Type
       2. No. Of Characters
       3. Decimals
       4. Output length
       5. Conversion Routine
       6. Sign (a check box)
       7. Lowercase (a check box)

    In Value Range Tab
       1. F4 Help fixed Ranges
       2. Value Table

Q. What is value range in domain? What type of value range you can define?
A. In value range you can define a fix value for F4 help. There are two type of value range you can define.

      1. Single Values and
      2. Intervals.

The value range of a domain can be limited by defining fixed values. In this case, only the values entered in the fixed values are possible for all the table fields referring to this domain. The fixed values can be single values or intervals.

Note: You can only define fixed values for domains of data types CHAR, NUMC, DEC, INT1, INT2 and INT4.







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