SAP - DDIC - Table Pool and Table Cluster

Table pool and table cluster both contains the number of pool table and cluster table respectively. They are created through SE11. Go to Menu Bar Utilities->Other Dictionary Objects. They have a fixed no of fields (parameters), but you can change this. They have also got fixed key which you can change. Precaution is required while doing so. The important thing to note is that the sum of key field's total length should not get exceeded to 120 char, else it will give error.

  Following are the points to be noted further -

   1. Table Pool and Table Cluster contains predefine fields and keys which you can change.
   2. You can define a technical setting for both but in this you have only option to change
       the SIZE and nothing else (like data class, or buffer settings, or log option) you can set.

    Example of Cluster Table
     BSEG - Accounting Document Segment
     EDID4 - IDoc Data Records from 4.0 onwards
     BSET - Tax Data Document Segment
     BSEC - One-Time Account Data Document Segment
     BSED - Bill of Exchange Fields Document Segment

    Example of Table Cluster
     RFBLG - Cluster for accounting document

    Example of Pool Table
     A004 - Material
     A005 - Customer/Material
     T001S - Accounting Clerks

    Example of Table Pool
     KAPOL - Condition pool: Prices and surcharges and discounts







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