REJECT: The REJECT statement leaves the GET event block of ogical database. It always terminates the processing of the current line of the node of the logical database.

RETURN: The RETURN statement unconditionally exits a processing block that is, an event block, a dialog module or a procedure (function module, method, and subroutine).

What is 'Type Groups'? A Types statement can be stored in a 'Type Group'. A 'Type Group' (also known as Type Pool) is a Data Dictionary object that exists merely to contain one or more types or constants statement.

- Types and constants included in a program using the type-pools statement always has global Visibility.

Describe RESERVE statement?


If there is not enough space left on the current page for at least n lines, this statement starts a new page. 'n' can be a constant (1,2,3,...) or a variable.

Note - Before starting a new page, the END-OF-PAGE processing is executed. This differs from NEW-PAGE.

If the RESERVE statement does not trigger a new page, output is continued on the current page. Use BACK to return to the first line output after RESERVE.

What are the differences between SY-TABIX and SY-INDEX?
SY-TABIX: It is used in internal table loops. It gets the no. of records in the internal table.
SY-INDEX: It is used in simple loops like (do......enddo).It gets the particular record number.

What is for SY-BATCH statement?
SY-BATCH is set to X in an ABAP program running in the background. Otherwise it is empty.

What is for SY-BINPT statement?
SY-BINPT is set to X during processing of batch input folders and in ABAP programs called with CALL TRANSACTION USING. Otherwise it is empty.

OPTIONS FROM in the CALL TRANSACTION USING statement can set SY-BINPT to empty for the whole program execution, as well as at the end of the BDC data.

SY-CPROG - In externally called procedures, the name of the calling program, otherwise the name of the current program.
SY-DBNAM - With executable programs this is the linked logical database.
SY-DYNGR - Screen group of current screen. You can assign several screens to a common screen group.
SY-DYNNR - Number of current screen during the selection screen processing, SY-DYNNR contains the screen number of the current selection screen.
SY-LDBPG - With executable programs, the database program of the linked logical database.








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