SAP ABAP SUBMIT Report Statement

The ABAP SUBMIT report statement is used to starts the program. But you can only start programs with type '1' (Executable Program only) using SUBMIT. If the program has a different type, the system triggers a runtime error.

The basic forms of SUBMIT command is -

1. SUBMIT Rep.
2. SUBMIT (Name).

  1. LINE-SIZE col - The list generated by the report has the line width col.
  2. LINE-COUNT line - The list generated by the report has line lines per page.
  3. TO SAP-SPOOL List - output to the SAP spool database
  6. AND RETURN - Returns to the calling transaction or program after the called program
      have been executed. SUBMIT ... AND RETURN creates a new internal session.
  8. USER user VIA JOB job NUMBER n
  9. Various additions for passing parameters to rep

What is the effect of using SUBMIT rep.... USING SELECTION-SCREEN scr?
When you execute the report, the system uses the selection screen number that you specify in the scr field. This must be a selection screen defined using the SELECT-OPTIONS, PARAMETERS and SELECTION-SCREEN statements. If you omit the addition, the system uses the standard selection screen 1000. This addition allows you to start the same report in different situations, using a different selection screen each time (what you explicitly mentioned for scr). This is the difference between USING SELECTION-SCREEN and VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. VIA SELECTION SCREEN takes its own exec report selection screen.

Q. What is the effect of using SUBMIT rep....USER user VIA JOB job NUMBER n?
Schedules the specified report in the job specified by the job name job and the job number n. The job runs under the user name user and you can omit the addition USER user. The assignment of the job number occurs via the function module JOB_OPEN This addition can only be used with the addition ...AND RETURN.

Note: When scheduling a report with the SUBMIT ... VIA JOB job NUMBER n statement, you should always use the addition ...TO SAP-SPOOL to pass print and/or archive parameters. Otherwise, default values are used to generate the list and this disturbs operations in a production environment.

What is the effect of using SUBMIT rep....VIA SELECTION SCREEN?
The addition VIA SELECTION SCREEN determines whether the report is processed in the foreground or the background.

What is the effect of using SUBMIT rep.... USING SELECTION-SETS OF PROGRAM prog?
Uses variants of the program prog when executing the program rep.

WITH SELECTION-TABLE rspar - You can dynamically transfer different values. An internal table rspar with the Dictionary structure RSPARAMS is created. This table can be filled dynamically in the calling program with all the required values for the selection screen of the called program.

Except for WITH SELECTION-TABLE, you can use any of the above options several times and in any combination within a SUBMITstatement. In particular, you can use the WITH sel addition several times for one single criterion sel. The only combination possible for the WITH SELECTION-TABLE addition is USING SELECTION-SET.








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